Catan World Explorers: UK Release Date, Beta, Trailer, And Everything We Know

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Catan: World Explorers, the upcoming iOS and Android AR game from Pokemon GO developers Niantic, has been available in some parts of the world for over a year now. So when is the Catan World Explorers UK release date, and when will it hit the rest of the world? Here's what we know.

What is Catan: World Explorers?

Niantic's latest project will use the same concept as the popular Pokemon Go and Wizards Unite titles, letting players play the game across real-world locations.

Instead of catching Pokemon or learning spells, however, you'll be collecting resources to trade with other players in order to construct structures and settlements. 

Catan: World Explorers UK Release Date

Although the game was playable in selected territories throughout 2021, Niantic announced on September 20 that a Catan: World Explorers release date would not be forthcoming.

Via, we now know that the title has officially been canceled. The developers saying "Trying to adapt such a well-designed board game to a global, location-based MMO game was a tough challenge."

Where Has Catan: World Explorers Released Already?

An image showing a gameplay example from Catan World Explorers, an AR game from Pokemon GO developer Niantic.
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As of June 2021, Catan World Explorers has launched in New Zealand, Australia, Denmark and Singapore. New Zealand came first in July 2020, with the others gaining limited access in October.

How to Download Catan: World Explorers

You won't see a Catan World Explorers download button on the iOS or Android app pages if you're outside of the countries mentioned above just yet, you can visit them to read reviews from those who have played it.

Once it's available in your country, the same page should show a download link.

Certain sites may be able to provide a Catan: World Explorers APK for manual installation, but you'll still be unable to play the game until you're in one of the currently support regions.

Confirmed Platforms

As with the developer's previous works, the game is built for mobile platforms, so expect to play it on iOS and Android when it launches.



We don't have a trailer just yet, but as soon as we do we'll be sure to add it here!


While the game's official site has some key art, it also offers screenshots like the below - showing a sleek interface that clearly borrows much of Pokemon Go's design language.

"The world is your gameboard", apparently
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