Twitch Rivals Unbans ZLaner For Future Warzone Events

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On June 20th, the latest instalment in the Twitch Rivals Warzone Showdown tournament series took place with the very best North American and European Warzone talent battling it out for a share of $150,000 in prize money. After the European leg of the tournament concluded, the attention of the community quickly turned to the North American event which featured some of the biggest content creators and the best professional players. One of those that was set to do battle in Verdansk was Zack "ZLaner" Lane.

Just hours before the event got underway, the Warzone streamer received a message from the tournament organisers that stated he was "not eligible" to take part in the tournament, much to his annoyance.


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ZLaner Banned From Twitch Rivals

The community was quick to assume why ZLaner had been stopped from competing in the tournament alongside his teammates. The streamer is often seen donning a tribute to regular Duos partner and fellow content creator Dr Disrespect, who mysteriously disappeared from the streaming platform over 12 months ago. An exact reason as to why the two-time was exiled from Twitch is still unknown, much to the curiosity of the gaming community.


ZLaner Unbanned From Twitch Rivals Events

After the tournament, Twitch Rivals' community manager CloudFuel clarified the situation, revealing that an internal error had wrongly listed ZLaner as being ineligible for the Warzone Showdown.

With the issue resolved, it's highly likely that we will be seeing ZLaner dropping into Verdansk in the next Warzone Showdown tournament which is likely to take place at some point in August to celebrate the launch of Season 5.