Zlaner Trolls Fans Over Warzone Anti Cheat

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Zack "Zlaner" Lane is perhaps one of the most prolific Warzone players in the world right now. In a recent video, the streamer indicated that he might be quitting Call Of Duty Warzone soon as the new anti-cheat is now active worldwide.

Zlaner began his video on a serious note, which quickly turned into a playful joke. To clarify, Zlaner isn't quitting Warzone. In fact, now that the anti-cheat is in place, he plans to grind Warzone more than ever. While the majority of the community is believes Zlaner, there are several who still think that he is cheating.

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New anti-cheat Ricochet gives Zlaner renewed enthusiasm to play Warzone

Zlaner got straight to the point and called out all the cheater-hunters who were accusing him of hacking for ages. He mentions that now that Ricochet is in place, there is really no excuse to not play the game. He said, "All your favourite pros that you love picking on, we are not getting banned." He openly addresses all the accusations against him and clarifies that Ricochet just proved that he isn't cheating.

In fact, one of the lead accusers Badboy Beaman recently uploaded an apology video for wrongly calling out numerous Warzone pros. In the video he mentions Zlaner, Aydan, Mutex and says that he is terribly sorry for his accusations. Badboy Beaman mentions that he is simply asking questions about their gameplay, and not calling them a cheater blatantly.

Now that all the hackusations are out of the way, Zlaner can return to grinding the new Warzone map. He highlighted that not every match will be a high-kill game since the map is new, and the ground loot is not great.

Below is the recent video from Zlaner

Do you think Ricochet is going to expose all the cheaters and hackers in Warzone? Do you feel some streamers are still cheating and getting away with it on Caldera?

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