Warzone Player Discovers Ingenious XP Farming Trick

Earning XP in Warzone can become a tedious task without an active Double XP event. XP leads to earning new attachments and weapon camouflages to add some additional flair to the guns in the arsenal.

With Season 2 in full swing, players are dropping into the Caldera Clash mode as an alternative to the usual battle royale playlists. The mode has become a hit amongst players that are enjoying the drastic change of pace.

In addition to the different rules, one player has found an ingenious trick to farm XP and camo challenges as fast as possible.

Warzone Caldera Clash XP Farming
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Warzone XP Farming

The best way to farm XP and earn camos appeared thanks to Reddit user 'JustLawlyOnTwitch' uploading a clip showcasing the effectiveness of the method. The player heads to the enemy side of the map to find a wealth of idle players standing around, kills them, then plants a Tactical Insertion to spawn close by if a player eliminates them.

Throughout the game, the player manages to score a total of 104 kills totalling to nearly 84K XP in addition to a variety of camouflages. One commenter claimed the method is "a great way to gain XP."

How To Unlock Warzone Gold Camo Fast

Here's how to unlock gold camos in Warzone as fast as possible:

  • Play Caldera Clash.
  • Head to the enemy side of the map to find idle players.
  • Eliminate the enemies standing still.
  • Plant a Tactical Insertion and repeat!

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