Warzone Glitch Forces Players To Use Wyatt Operator

Despite Warzone developer Raven Software introducing a wealth of bug fixes as part of the Season 2 update, players are still encountering issues when dropping into Caldera.

While it's not as severe as guns turning invisible, it's an inconvenience for those wanting to use their favourite Operators in Vanguard Royale. Some players might be glad of the change, after branding Vanguard's set of characters as boring.

When dropping into the Vanguard-focused mode, players are dropping in as a popular Modern Warfare operator, much to their surprise and confusion.

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Vanguard Royale Wyatt Operator

In keeping with the theme of World War II, the only Operators available to use are from Vanguard but a glitch is changing the selected characters to Wyatt, an Operator from 2019's Modern Warfare.

Reddit user 'DHyperOnYT' managed to capture a screenshot of Wyatt hanging outside of the entry plane prior to a match beginning.

Several players quickly commented, thanking the user for clearing up the confusion caused by this unusual bug. One player suggested a viable solution to the problem. "They should just let us use all our operators in VG and restrict only weapons and equipment." It's fair to say this would be a popular decision, especially for those that have spent COD Points on characters that can't be used.

Should Vanguard Royale Change Operators?

If Raven Software is to change one thing about Vanguard Royale, it should allow players to use Operators from existing Call of Duty titles. As long as the equipment and weaponry stay the same, there's no reason as to why this simple change isn't possible, preventing these issues from appearing.

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