Warzone Season 6: All WW2 Bunker Locations

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After weeks of teasers and speculation, Season 6 of Warzone is now live across all platforms, much to the excitement of the community that's looking forward to the final season taking place in Verdansk. Alongside a range of new weapons and the return of Alex Mason, Verdansk has undergone huge changes, destroying the vast majority of Downtown and revealing hidden World War 2 bunkers that have been locked away underground.

The presence of the bunkers was first revealed in a cinematic trailer that showed Stitch and Fuze attempting to defuse an explosive planted by a brainwashed Adler. With the bunkers now discovered, players can see what secrets lie within during a match, but where exactly are the bunkers located?


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Warzone WW2 Bunker Locations

Warzone WW2 Bunker Locations

Remember those mysterious red containers that made a horrible noise when you stood close to them? They were used to hide a drill Adler was using to gain access to the bunkers. Now the explosions have detonated, there are a total of three bunkers that can be accessed. Here's where to find them:

  • Next to the red containers east of Airport, close to the end of the runway.
  • East of Boneyard.
  • Northeast of Array.

Warzone WW2 Bunkers Loot

Within the bunkers, there is plenty of loot to get your hands on if you fancy your chances against the majority of the lobby wanting to get a look inside. Players can find plenty of high-tier loot ranging from Armour Satchels, Killstreaks, huge stacks of Cash, weapon blueprints, and more can be found amongst the bunkers.

Warzone Pacific Map Reveal

Considering that Call of Duty: Vanguard is set in World War 2, it's highly likely that these bunkers will play a pivotal role in showcasing how Verdansk comes to an end and how the battle royale will eventually move to a new map set in the Pacific. For all the latest news and information on the Warzone Pacific map, check out our dedicated hub.