When Is Payload Coming To Warzone?

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Season 4 of Warzone is in full swing and with players regularly demanding brand-new and unique content to arrive within the battle royale, Raven Software and Activision are set to introduce the game's very first objective-based game mode. For those familiar with Overwatch, Payload will be a name that you will recognise along with what it entails.

A typical Warzone match often involves being the last player or squad remaining while Payload involves huge teams battling it out to move the Payload through a number of checkpoints in order to secure the victory. Although plenty of details surrounding Warzone's Payload mode have been revealed, an exact release date has yet to be confirmed. So, when exactly is Payload making its way to Warzone?


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Update - Warzone Payload Release Date

As part of the July 22nd playlist update, Payload has gone live across all platforms! Players can now drop into Warzone's first-ever objective-based game mode.

What Is Warzone Payload?

Warzone Payload Game Mode

Payload involves two teams of 40 players dropping into Verdansk to escort an objective to its destination. The first team that manages to do so is crowned the winner. While the objective sounds easy enough, the opposition will be capable of building barriers in order to halt your progress. The only way to move the Payload is by standing next to it, so having some kind of coordination amongst the team is essential.

Warzone Payload Release Date

As of writing (June 28th), there has been no official release date confirmed by Activision or Raven Software but the June 14th blog post published on the Call of Duty website may have given away the release date for the highly-anticipated mode. Payload has finally arrived in Warzone as part of the July 22nd playlist update.

Alongside Payload, a wealth of content is expected to arrive as part of Season 4 Reloaded. To find everything you need to know about Season 4's mid-season update, be sure to check out our dedicated hub by clicking here.