What Are the Best Guns In Warzone Right Now?

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Season 3 of Warzone is in full swing and since the integration of the entire Black Ops Cold War weapon arsenal, there are a wide variety of weapons to use when roaming the streets of Verdansk or clearing out the buildings of Rebirth Island.

With so many different weapons to choose from, determining which is the best to use in the entire game can be tricky but thanks to a lack of weapon balancing, there are a few which stand out from the rest of the crowd.


Thanks to the gunsmith, there are numerous combinations of attachments that can yield drastic improvements in the overall performance of a number of weapons in Warzone.

But what exactly are the very best weapons to use during a match?

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The Best Guns In Warzone Right Now


Best Gun In Warzone Right Now Season 3

As Season 3 enters its second half, there are a few guns that are towards the top of the meta but one that stands out from the rest of the field.

It's no secret that the best gun to use in Warzone right now is the CR-56 AMAX assault rifle.

Armed with an impressive damage output alongside a consistent rate of fire, the AMAX dominates mid-range and long-distance duels and with the right set of attachments, it's arguably the best weapon in the entire battle royale.

Check out our complete loadout guide for the AMAX by clicking here.


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Bullfrog Warzone Best Weapon Season 3

When it comes to close-quarters engagements, there are very few weapons that can deal the same amount of damage than the compact Bullfrog submachine gun.


The fast rate of fire combined with the huge customisation options has made the Bullfrog arguably the best SMG to be using in Verdansk and Rebirth Island.

Find the best attachments to equip in our guide.

Swiss K31

Swiss K31 Warzone

For several seasons, the Kar98k marksman rifle has dominated the long-range metagame but Season 3 and a dose of weapon balancing gave players more options to select when it came to sniping.

One of them was the recently added Swiss K31. Armed with deadly damage and impressive levels of mobility, the sniper has quickly risen in popularity thanks to its ability to score one-shot kills with ease.

Check out our guide for the ultimate Swiss K31 loadout!