What A Warzone Ranked System Should Look Like According To TimTheTatman And Other Streamers

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Nick 'NICKMERCS' Kolcheff and Jack 'CouRageJD' Dunlop discussed what a Warzone Ranked system would look like while Timothy 'TimTheTatman' Betar sat around. I find it hilarious to watch Tim start talking and then get ignored by the other two. Although he helps start the conversation, he's really just a spectator.

NICKMERCS and CouRageJD both make excellent points, although their main concern is the ranking system in Apex Legends. The best players, like professional players, rarely make it high up in these rankings since time spent seems to be more important than skill. The ranking system for Call of Duty: Warzone would most likely suffer from the same problem; the most active player is at the top.


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Warzone Ranking System

CouRageJD said that the top-ranked players in Apex Legends always play 20 hours a day. He feels like Warzone could learn from League of Legends, and Riot has a different ranking system. CouRageJD couldn't elaborate further, but he says that the top players can still be great in those games without playing as often as 20 hours a day.

Not elaborating on why isn't good enough for NICKMERCS, who asks CouRageJD to explain. The conversation moves on, and TimTheTatman is left just to sit there. It's super funny, and even the chat laughs at Tim while it's happening, who is just sitting there quietly.


Before this starts, Dennis “Cloakzy” Lepore is in this conversation too, he is COMPLETELY knocked out of the conversation until close to the end.

Video starts at 00:32

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Tim does eventually come in to agree with Nick, who brings up VALORANT. Players need to be able to downgrade if they play poorly instead of ranking just continuously building. Rank systems are now broken because of how much time some players can put in.

Instead of building points constantly, players should be able to lose points when they play poorly. By this method, the best players keep their positions instead of people who are just playing more. In most cases, these are the same, but there are times when the better player should be ranked higher.

I could write all day, but they make the BEST points about what Warzone could learn from Apex Legends if you watch the video.