WATCH: Twitch Streamer Wins $100k Warzone Solo Cash Prize

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Warzone had a match with 150 players for a $100,000 cash prize for those who don't know. Twitch streamers came from all over the world to compete for this Call of Duty match. Of course, only one made it, and boy was that a satisfying victory.

The video is from the winner's point of view, but here is a link to the video of the tournament. The entire video is below and the specific winning clip if you only want the juicy part. Otherwise, you will find everything you need below.


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Warzone $100,000 tournament winner

ChowH1 won with the most straightforward strategy I have ever seen. Instead of complicating the situation and trying a crazy diversion and tactics, he did what everyone does. Fire a stun grenade and then run with guns blazing. ChowH1's opponent wasn't expecting to see him use a day one strategy; he was awaiting much more.


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ChowH1 should have lost before this; he was shot down but self-healed after his almost-killer fled. Near the end, the casters did not know who was alive, but they knew when it was 1v1. When he gets the final kill, he screams and is ecstatic, as he should be.

To fool everyone, ChowH1 used the stun and walked through the smoke instead of going around. The fact that his strategy was dumb but worked made it brilliant. He deserves congratulations. Here is the full stream from his point of view if anyone is interested.

$100,000 is fantastic for improving a gaming setup and a boost to all the streaming services. ChowH1's streams will most likely become far more high-tech and exciting.