Warzone Tournament Official's Controversial Call Caused ZLaner and FaZe Kalei To Lose $30k

An unfair call caused ZLaner and FaZe Kalei to be eliminated from a Warzone tournament. Due to the unfairness of the situation, even the team they were up against agreed to replay the match. The tournament official denied it and allowed the opposing team to continue.

In a tiebreaking match, ZLaner and FaZe Kalei were the first to 10 kills against another duo. Unfortunately, FaZe Kalei's comms were disrupted by the other team, she missed a shot she should have gotten, and then she died. The other team acknowledged that they shouldn't have called out on the comms, and it should have been reset.

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Warzone Tournament

The other team was calling out that a hacker had killed them. This was untrue, and it distracted FaZe Kalei. The tournament had no time to dispute and just allowed the match to proceed as it was. There was no consensus that it should have been approved, but it ended up going forward.

Here's the tweet from ZLaner explaining his side:

My friends at Esports Talk do a great job of describing the situation.

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You should listen to both teams when they tell you that the call was wrong IF you can, but the official could not. There were no allotted times for disputes or unintended situations. In the future, I am sure that there will be a way to handle this. It is unfortunate, but it is the way it is.

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