The Best Way to Level Up Guns In Warzone Season 5 According To ZLaner

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Grinding is necessary for Warzone Season 5, as all players know but sometimes it isn't easy to know where to start. ZLaner is not only a prominent Warzone streamer; he also claims to have played the game for 1,000 hours. If anyone knows how to level up guns in Warzone, it's him.

According to ZLaner, there are several ways to level up weapons in Warzone Season 5, but his method is the best. According to ZLaner, this method can allow some players to level up their guns 25 times per match. Quite a promise, but he can back it up with gameplay clips.


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Level up guns fast in Warzone Season 5

From assault rifles to SMGs, ZLaner says this method will work for anything. This isn't a new or untested technique; this has been tried and tested for years. Nevertheless, ZLaner points out that there are many players who don't know how to do it, which causes them to waste valuable time.

ZLaner starts explaining at 00:35.


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A good team is needed for this method, like every other method in Warzone. Team members need to be prepared to jump in and grab all three helicopters. When that is done, the team will need to prepare their loadout so you can do a lot of damage quickly.

You should run through the supply runs on Rebirth Island and then do the Scavenger Runs once the supply runs have been exhausted. Players can achieve the best results by completing 15 contracts per game. A smaller circle brings more contracts, which makes things easier.

ZLaner points out that some Warzone Season 5 players believe that Plunder is the best way to level up weapons in Warzone, but Zlaner disagrees. Every mission is a set amount of experience earned, and Plunder does not come with a multiplier. With every resurgence mission completed, the player gains a multiplier, and by the time they finish a game, they've accumulated 15x their experience.

It's easy to understand why ZLaner swears by it. The math is simple and works well. The season just began, so everyone should try this and see how it works for them.