Warzone Season 4 Weapons: Are These Coming Next Season?

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Warzone Season 3 is here, but those cheeky data miners are already looking ahead to what's yet to come.

CoD leaker Zesty on Twitter has found references to a series of new weapons in the game's code, and it looks like a Black Ops 2 classic is returning alongside some painful sounding new additions.

While these could always be landing before Season 4, we'll update this page as we hear more - especially since they aren't available in the game right now.

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Warzone Season 4 Weapons: Are These Coming Next Season?

Zesty's tweet reveals not just a series of weapons, but also tools like, um, a hammer and a nail gun.

Both of those sound pretty painful, and it also appears the Ballistic Knife is mentioned.

The Kukri gets a mention, too, a curved machete that originates from India, and a War Mace - suggesting we can go all medieval on our opponents in the coming months.

The explosive crossbow will also seemingly make an appearance, although we'd suggest it'll be in the special/launcher category of your loadout.

Finally, the big news is that the Chicom CQB is returning from Black Ops II. Back in that game, it was a three-round burst SMG that was ideal for run-and-gunners. Will it get the same treatment now?

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