Warzone Season 4: What Is A Spotter Scope, How To Use It And Where To Find It

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With Season 4's mid-season update arriving, a new tactical item has been added to the game called the "Spotter Scope"

This unique item resembles a detached sniper scope that they can use to look around the Warzone map.

Here's how it works and where to find it.

Spotter Scope

The Spotter Scope is a detached Sniper Scope, which can not be attached to a sniper rifle.

This high-powered scope does not show the traditional sniper scope glint, meaning you can use it without being spotted.

When using it you can mark enemies, as well as toggle the zoom and even use the thermal option.

The item can be found scattered across Verdansk as floor loot and is currently fairly rare to find.

The best way to use it is in combination with another sniper in your squad to scout out the area, mark the target and have your teammate pick up the kill.

How To Find It?

Players can find a Spotter Scope on the ground, out of a supply box, or as a reward for completing a Recon Contract.

Of course, you can also retrieve it from dead enemies as well.

The Spotter Scope can not be equipped from the loadout section so must be found within Verdansk.

This will not be an easy search as the Spotter Scope is a rare device.

The most consistent way of acquiring the scope will be killing other players for the device.

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