Is The Attack Helicopter Returning To Warzone In Season 4?

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As players patiently wait for the start of Warzone Season 4, those eagle-eyed fans of the popular battle royale have managed to spot a clue that could see the return of a vehicle that disappeared from the skies of Verdansk several months ago.

The Attack Helicopter was arguably the most popular vehicle to navigate the map as quickly as possible.


Combined with high agility and a powerful minigun to rain down fire onto opposition, it dominated the skies until it started to make players turn invisible.

Since it was removed due to the invisibility bug, there have been no signs of it returning to Warzone but the short gameplay trailer that debuted at the Summer Game Fest may have confirmed that it will be flying over Verdansk once again.

Here's everything we know about the potential return of the Attack Helicopter and when it could be implemented into the game.

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Warzone Attack Helicopter

Warzone Attack Helicopter Return Date Season 4

Attack Helicopters arrived in Warzone as part of the first dose of Black Ops Cold War integration in December 2020.


Just days after their addition, players were quick to encounter players that were completely invisible after climbing aboard the choppers.

After several complaints, Raven Software removed the vehicles and since then, there were no clues as to when they would be returning until the gameplay trailer for Season 4.

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Warzone Attack Helicopter Return Date

Although an official return date has yet to be revealed, the fact that the attack helicopters were included in the Season 4 trailer suggests that their return to Warzone is imminent.

Season 4 gets underway on June 17th, and it's highly likely that they will make their long-awaited return then.