Warzone: How To Secure Uplink Stations In Season 4

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Season 4 is finally here in Warzone, and one of the objectives for the Ground Fall event is to 'Secure 5 Uplink Stations'.

As you may have guessed, those are tied to the Satellites found around the map as part of Season 4's map changes. Here's how to secure them, and what they offer when secured.


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Warzone: How To Secure Uplink Stations In Season 4

You'll find Uplink Stations dotted throughout Verdansk, and they look a little like the Recon Contracts objectives with a small 'dish'.

When you're close, you'll be able to 'secure' it just by standing close - just like you would in a match of Domination, for example.


Once you've secured it, a satellite will be sent towards the map. It'll be marked for you, but it's also worth remembering that other players will likely have seen it falling from orbit, too.

Follow the marker (or the satellite if you're not the one that secured the Uplink Station) and be ready for a fight.

Warzone: What's In Crashed Satellites?

Inside a crashed satellite, you can find all manner of goodies to help you bring home the win.


For one, killstreaks tend to spawn there, as well as an armored truck (which as of Season 4, can be customised).

Securing five Uplink Stations will complete the objective for the Ground Fall event, but you'll also want to try and take out enemies nearby and loot satellites to complete the other two objectives to earn the new pistol blueprint.

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