Warzone Season 4: New Glitch Allows Players To Carry Three Weapons

With Warzone Season 4 starting last week, it was only a matter of time before a glitch was found.

Recently, a Youtuber discovered an exploit which gives players the ability to carry three weapons in a loadout.

It can be hard to decide on two guns with so many weapons to choose from.

See below to find out how to take advantage of this glitch.

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How To Do The Three Weapon Loadout Glitch In Warzone

COD Youtuber Silent Nine discovered the exploit and decided to share it with the community in the video below.

  • The glitch requires the player to create a custom loadout with a Riot Shield equipped before the match.
  • After dropping in you'll need to find an ATV. It can also be done with a helicopter, but due to ATVs being more common, they're your best bet.
  • Next, call in or find a loadout drop, select your loadout containing a riot shield.
  • Equip the riot shield and park your ATV next to dropped weapons on the floor.
  • Then switch to the passenger's seat, if you're close enough to the gun you will be kicked out of the ATV with a third weapon slot.

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