Warzone Season 4 Desperately Needs New Points Of Interest

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The fourth season of post-launch content since the integration of Black Ops Cold War is well underway and despite the usual dose of new additions, this particular season of Warzone has felt somewhat underwhelming in comparison to previous seasons. Although players have been making use of motorcycles to make their way around Verdansk and Rebirth Island, the lack of new areas to explore has been disappointing, especially with satellites falling from the skies.

As Season 4 nears the halfway stage, the vast majority of players have found everything there is to know about the satellite wreckages and despite their appearance being one of the first significant changes to the 1984 iteration of Verdansk, the number of brand-new points of interest appearing within the confines of the map has been non-existent. In order to inject a breath of fresh air into the battle royale, Warzone is in desperate need of some new areas to explore ahead of the COD 2021 reveal which is rumoured to take place when Season 4 concludes.

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The Mine Shaft Mystery

Warzone Mine Shaft POI
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The Mine Shaft has remained closed since the beginning of Season 3, much to the curiosity of players wondering what could lie behind the closed doors. Many thought that it would be open for business by now but the doors remain shut, leaving players wondering whether the doors will ever be opened. Warzone developer Raven Software is no stranger to implementing small and subtle changes that foresee what lies ahead in the Warzone universe but players are beginning to turn their backs on Season 4 due to the minimal amount of changes to the map.

Small Changes, A Huge Difference

Changes to Verdansk ’84 don’t have to be huge in order to keep the battlefield feeling fresh. Season 3 was a prime example of how one small addition can change a map. The middle of Downtown Verdansk saw the appearance of Nakatomi Plaza from Die Hard as part of the 80s Action Heroes Event and while the likes of John Rambo and John McClane have departed the area, the building remains as one of the most popular landing spots on the entire map even though the vault has been emptied.

In comparison to the satellite wreckages, the addition of a new building to Downtown was a far superior addition to the map as its immense height enabled players to access other areas of the map with some well-timed parachute pulls.

What Should Be Done?

Warzone New POI Season 4
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Opening up the Mine Shaft is a sure-fire way of providing significant change to Verdansk ’84 without negatively impacting other points of interest on the map. With very few areas near the mine, opening it would offer a unique place to engage with the opposition thanks to its underground nature and it would also give Raven Software the opportunity to lay the foundations for the next part of the story expected to commence at the beginning of Season 5.

Modern-day Verdansk quickly came under fire because of minimal changes to the map and after Raven has done such an amazing job of injecting a new lease of life into the battle royale, it would be a shame to see players start to get bored of the game due to a lack of focus on map development.

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