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Warzone Season 4: Everything You Need To Know

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Although many players are still enjoying the second half of Season 3, attention is slowly turning to Season 4 of Warzone.


Season 3 has been a huge success for Call of Duty. Warzone took a trip back in time to 1984 and saw the appearances of John McClane and John Rambo, multiplayer saw the return of iconic map Standoff, and Zombies received a wealth of changes alongside the release of the first Outbreak Easter Egg.

Considering the huge amount of content that arrived over the course of Season 3, it will be difficult for Activision and Raven Software to surpass the high bar that has been set.

With the start of Season 4 likely less than two weeks away, here's absolutely everything you need to know.

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Latest News

Attack Helicopter Returning? - 13th June

Players have managed to spot an attack helicopter flying through the skies of Verdansk in the full-length cinematic trailer.

The vehicle was initially removed due to a bug that turned players invisible. Could it be making its way into Season 4?

Full-Length Cinematic Released - 11th June

After a short Season 4 teaser was released on June 10th, Activision has released the full-length version.

Check it out below!


Nail Gun Coming To Warzone - 11th June

Eagle-eyed players managed to get a look at a brand-new weapon joining the Warzone arsenal.

The Nail Gun could well spice up the close-range metagame.

Nail Gun Warzone Season 4
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A New Gulag! - 11th June

As part of Season 4, the Gulag will be receiving a facelift!

The current Gulag based on Standoff will disappear in place of a smaller version of Hijacked.

Season 4 Trailer Revealed - 10th June

The first trailer for Season 4 has been revealed! Check it out below.


A Desert Theme - 10th June

During the latest cutscene, many players heard Africa mentioned, potentially revealing the theme for Season 4.

Is Warzone about to head into the desert?


New Weapons Leaked - 9th June

According to notable leaker @ZestyCODLeaks, there will be variety of brand-new weapons making their way to the Warzone arsenal.

The main weapon coming when the season launches is the Chicom CQB from Black Ops 2.

Alongside the Chicom, there will be a number of new melee weapons and explosive ammunition for the crossbow!

First Cinematic Teaser Revealed - 8th June

Ahead of the world premier of Season 4 taking place on June 10th, Treyarch has released the first cinematic teaser for the new season.

How To Watch Season 4 Reveal - 8th June


The Season 4 reveal will take place as part of the Summer Game Fest on June 10th.

The event will be streamed on YouTube at 7PM BST.

Click here to find everything you need to know!

Is The Mine Opening? - 8th June

The mineshaft in Verdansk is one of the few areas that is still cornered off, much to the curiosity of the community.

Will Season 4 see the mine open? What could lie within? Check out our theories by clicking here.

Operator Names Leaked - 7th June

Notable leaker @ZestyCODLeaks has uncovered three names that are believed to be the Operators arriving in Season 4.

First Look At Season 4 - 7th June

As part of the Summer Game Fest, players will get their first look at what's to come in Season 4!

Warzone Season 4 Summer Game Fest
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New Warzone Gulag

For Season 4, the Gulag is undergoing a makeover!

Hijacked will be the new setting for the 1v1 battleground that decides whether you're out of action or dropping back in.

Click here to find out more.


Warzone Season 4 Start Date

If we look at when the Season 3 Battle Pass comes to an end, we can get a rough idea as to when Season 4 will get underway.

The Battle Pass is set to end around June 15th, meaning that the new season of content will likely begin on either June 16th or June 17th.

Limited-Time Modes

With Raven Software confirming that it is going to continue embracing the 1980s theme, there is a chance that we could see another limited-time event relating to the time period begin at the start of Season 4.

Alongside the potential of a new LTM, it's likely that some new points of interest could be added into Verdansk '84 that may coincide with the event.

Alongside a new LTM set in the 80s, leakers have uncovered that an event that may reveal COD 2021 has been added to the files. Could it take place in Season 4?

Little information surrounding exact details of what Raven and Activision have in store has been revealed so be sure to check back as soon as any news breaks.

Weapon Balancing


During Season 3, Raven Software has done an excellent job in making sure the entire Warzone weapon arsenal is balanced, enabling players to use a variety of weapons in their loadouts.

The developer has confirmed that more changes will be arriving in the battle royale, and with the start of Season 4 often playing host to a huge update, the beginning of the season could see some changes to the current metagame.

With the CR-56 AMAX assault rifle currently proving to be the most popular rifle to use, it's likely that some chances could bring it in line with some of the other weapons on offer.


As always, the start of a new season of content brings in new Operators and it's likely that Season 4 will be no different.

So far, there is no information on which Operators will be making their way to Warzone in Season 4, but as soon as the cinematic trailers are released, we will get a better idea as to which characters will be arriving into the battle royale.

Points Of Interest

As mentioned earlier, new points of interest could be added into Verdansk '84 depending on the theme of any LTM that might arrive.

During the 80s Action Heroes event, Warzone saw the additions of Nakatomi Plaza in Downtown and ten survival camps located across the map.


If Activision is intending on revealing COD 2021 during Season 4, there could be some new POIs inspired by World War 2 added to the map.

Alongside a potential reveal, the mine shaft remains closed, much to the curiosity of players wondering what could be inside. Will Season 4 mark the opening of the mines? We will have to wait and see.

Fast Travel System

A fast-travel system involving the Red Doors from Black Ops Cold War was unintentionally revealed after players received a survey from Activision asking for feedback on the feature.

The Red Doors will be located all over the map, enabling players to traverse the map as quickly as possible.

The system has yet to be revealed by Raven Software, meaning it could arrive as part of Season 4.

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