Warzone Season 3 Leaks Suggest Resurgence Mode Is Returning

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Warzone's Verdansk was nuked last night, ushering in season three of the popular battle royale, and a new leak suggests that Resurgence mode is making a comeback.

The news comes from reliable CoD leaker Zesty on Twitter, who appears to have located playlists within the files for Duos, Quads, and Trios variations of the mode.

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Warzone Season 3 Leaks Suggest Resurgence Mode Is Returning

Just what is Resurgence, we hear you ask? Essentially, Resurgence is a limited-time mode that cuts out the infamous Gulag from the game, and removes the opportunity to buy teammates back in.

Whereas in a standard Warzone match you can be sent to the Gulag and fight your way out to rejoin your teammates, Resurgence will respawn players after a certain period of time - so long as at least one teammate remains alive.

That means if you're in a Quads match and you're the last one standing, it's all on you.


This leads to some tense clutch plays as solo players do their best to stay alive until the cavalry arrives, but the mode previously took place on Rebirth Island - a smaller map with a lower player count.

Could we get a second map in Season 3? We'll find out soon.

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