Warzone Season 4 Nerfed Roze's Rook Skin

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Warzone Season 4 finally arrived today, and it's shaken up the meta in a way many perhaps hadn't anticipated - that's right, Roze's 'Rook' skin has been nerfed.

Mentioned as part of the Season 4 patch notes, Raven mentioned that the skin had 'received material updates to increase visibility' - but why? And what does that mean in practice?

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Warzone Season 4 Nerfed Roze's Rook Skin

While it's not uncommon for weapons and scorestreaks to be altered, it's rare that a skin gets a sizeable change - especially one that debuted in Season 2.

The Rook skin is popular for not just its sleek look, but for the inherent advantage of being almost invisible in certain spots of the map.

Wondering what the new version looks like? It's been turned from almost entirely black to more of a dark grey colour, as you can see in this clip from OpTic Hitch below.

Still, it's a little too early to tell how successful the nerf is - with much of Verdansk's areas being urban in nature, it may be that Roze's new look just means she blends in in different areas.

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