Warzone: R9 Shotgun Finally Nerfed!

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Black Ops Cold War Season 1 is finally here!

The new season has implemented a ton of content for players to check out.


From the new weapons to the new Warzone map, players should not run out of game modes to play over the holiday season. 

Along with the new season, we have seen the long-awaited integration between Call of Duty Warzone and Black Ops Cold War.

With this integration, a lot of players were hoping the Season 1 patch notes would include a nerf to the R9 Shotgun.

This weapon has been highly criticized for months now within Warzone, as it is a must use in close-quarter situations.


Now, your prays have been answered as the weapon has finally been nerfed.

Here's what has changed! 



Amos Hodge who is the Creative Director over at Raven Software has noted the following on Twitter: 


The R9 max damage was reduced as well as the tick damage from dragon's breath. This should have been in the patch notes for Season 1 launch but slipped through the cracks. #Warzone

So, it finally appears the weapon has been nerfed! 

This comes after months of players begging for this Shotgun to be nerfed in any way possible.

But now, we finally have our answer as this nerfed was left out with the release of the Season 1 patch notes.


How this affects the meta is unknown as of now.

But we can assume that the R9 is still going to be a viable option, but one that is not as strong as it was in recent months.

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