Warzone Players Find Restricted Area Where You Can't Die

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Throughout its short history, Warzone and its millions of players have managed to find numerous tricks in order to gain an advantage over their opposition. Whether it's utilising slide-cancelling to move around Verdansk and Rebirth Island as fast as possible or swapping seats in vehicles to avoid any incoming gunfire, there are several tricks up the sleeves of players that drop into the action. Despite Raven Software's best efforts to keep any exploits down to a minimum, players have found another crafty trick that enables them to access a part of Verdansk that is supposed to be out of bounds.

If players do accidentally stray beyond the bright red line that marks the map boundary, a timer counts down for a few seconds before killing them instantly but this particular area of the map is allowing players to survive outside of the intended play area.


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Warzone Out-Of-Bounds Area Exploit

In between Park and Port is a small indentation of water that separates the two areas of the map and while players can't step foot in the area because it contains water, they do have the ability to parachute into it or fly through it even though it is technically off-limits.


Reddit user 'Spirit-alphaa' uploaded the edited image alongside the question of whether the area could be accessed despite being beyond the deadly red line. It turns out that the small area can be accessed, much to the surprise of players. Players that used to fly across the area say that flying through the area used to trigger a timer but in Season 4, the timer no longer appears.

Even though this is a small area of the map that can be accessed, it can significantly increase rotation speed from the Prison to the Port in the early stages of the game.