Warzone Player Transforms Nerf Gun Into Real-Life Sniper

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Call of Duty players are no strangers when it comes to expressing their enthusiasm for the popular first-person shooter franchise. Players and fans are always finding new and innovative ways to show their support for their favourite games whether it's through incredibly detailed cosplays or pieces of artwork featuring iconic moments from the Call of Duty story.

This time around, one Warzone player has taken Call of Duty fandom to the next level and has created a detailed model of a sniper rifle that wouldn't look out of place on the streets of Verdansk. The creation was made by content creator MakerToast and features a number of elements from a number of different snipers from the Warzone arsenal.

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Warzone Nerf Gun Sniper Rifle

The finished product is certainly something to behold. The gorgeous gold finish makes it look like MakerToast has truly mastered this weapon on the battlefield and while it doesn't resemble one specific sniper rifle, one viewer pointed out that it's a hybrid between the AX-50, Rytec AMR, and the SPR Marksman Rifle.

Considering that the creation was made from a Nerf gun that was bought for $5, it's an incredible rifle that you would think is some kind of 3D render from within Warzone itself. Despite no intentions of selling the converted Nerf gun, fans of the battle royale would certainly be interested if MakerToast was to change their mind.