Leak Reveals Planes Are Coming To Warzone

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Season 4 of Warzone has reached the halfway stage and with many players looking forward to seeing what Season 4 Reloaded has to offer, data miners have uncovered what appears to be the addition of a brand-new vehicle arriving in the battle royale. The beginning of Season 4 saw the addition of Armored Trucks but were quickly removed due to a bug that was turning players invisible.

Vehicles have become an integral part of the Warzone metagame, with many players often battling it out at the very start of a match in order to get access to a helicopter or a Cargo Truck to navigate Verdansk as fast as possible. This new discovery may make travelling around the map even faster.


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Planes In Warzone

Warzone Plane Leak Payload Game Mode

According to notable Call of Duty leaker @ZestyCODLeaks, fighter planes could be making their way to Warzone, a vehicle that could have a drastic impact on the entire battle royale.


Rather than the planes appearing in the standard battle royale playlists, they will be making an appearance in Payload, Warzone's first-ever objective-based game mode. According to the files of the game, each team will have access to one plane and while it sounds extremely exciting that players could fly around the map at breakneck speed, the planes could well be controlled by AI.

When Are Planes Coming To Warzone?

Another Call of Duty leaker also mentioned the possibility of planes in Warzone, but rather than them being included in Payload, they suggest that Raven Software is testing them ahead of Vanguard's release slated for November.


We will have to wait and see whether planes will play a part in Payload or whether developers are already preparing for the next era of Warzone. Season 4 Reloaded gets underway on July 15th.