Warzone Nuke Event Countdown - Live Updates As It Happens!

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Season 3 of Warzone is finally here and as the Zombies continue their rampage across various areas of Verdansk, the end of the map as we know it is on the horizon.

It's been rumoured that some kind of nuclear explosion will be heading to Verdansk for several months and the start of Season 3 looks like the time that it will be detonated.


Rather than an enemy attempting to destroy the map for their own benefit, the launch of the nuke will be as a last resort as the undead manage to take complete control of the map.

Here's absolutely everything that you need to know about Warzone's nuke event.

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Warzone Nuke Event


As the Zombies continue visiting various areas of the map, the outbreak will eventually become far too difficult to control, resulting in the launch of the missiles found inside the silos.

Players will be able to watch the destruction of the map through an in-game event that is expected to take place towards the end of April, coinciding with the launch of Season 3.

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Warzone Map Changes

Rather than heading to a brand-new map located in the Ural Mountains, it appears that players will be taking a trip back in time to the 1980s.


Several leaks have revealed that Verdansk will receive a new coat of paint to reflect the time period alongside the addition of brand-new points of interest which include the Duga-2 satellite array from the Black Ops Cold War campaign and a mineshaft.

Warzone Nuke Event Date

As mentioned above, the event will take place towards the end of April, specifically April 21 at 8 p.m. BST.


New Warzone Map Screenshots

Notable Call of Duty leaker @InfoCoDES_2 has uncovered brand-new screenshots showcasing Verdansk in the 1980s.