"Lack Of Anti-Cheat" Is Just One Reason Why Warzone Is Bound For Failure Says NRG IceManIsaac

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Call of Duty: Warzone is experiencing a wave of streamers leaving for other games, such as Apex Legends. Many are blaming the lack of an Anti-Cheat system, allowing hackers to roam free in the game. IceManIsaac, a creator of NRG content, has a more feasible and rational explanation.

IceManIsaac explained all the problems players have with Warzone in two tweets, and even NYSL Aydan, another streamer, concurred. In addition, IceManIsaac stated that Warzone had fixed none of it, which is a problem other games had when they were failing. Tweets give the impression that Warzone will have a hard time fixing things if they ever get the chance.


Warzone on track to fail, says IceManIsaac

IceManIsaac from NRG tweeted his own views about Warzone on August 8. His opinion is that not enough has changed over the last year and a half, and it's not just cheating that's an issue. There is a lack of updates and content that cannot be ignored.

The tweets are below, (found by Dexerto):


As a response, Warzone star NYSL Aydan tweeted, "+1 brotha". While not many streamers are tweeting about it, they have been vocal in their streams and actions. Streamers who have left agree that the game is no longer fun for them, which is a bad sign.

As competition gets worse, Warzone has reached a point where action needs to be taken. By the time Warzone adds more content and fixes its hacking issue, it may already be too late. Call of Duty: Warzone is currently a sinking ship, but only time will tell its future.


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