Warzone Friends Not Showing Glitch: How To Restore Your Friends List

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Warzone players are no strangers to encountering a number of game-breaking issues that impact the hugely popular battle royale. As Season 1 Reloaded continues, new bugs and glitches ranging from guns turning invisible to Gulag winners being eliminated seem to appear on a daily basis, much to the annoyance of the community.

This particular issue involves the Friends List disappearing completely, leaving players unable to drop into Verdansk and Rebirth Island with their mates. Thankfully, there is a fix for this ongoing problem and it turns out that it's a very straightforward solution. Find out how to restore your Warzone Friends List in this handy guide!

How To Fix Warzone Friends List Not Showing

Warzone Friends List
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An exact cause of this bug has never been revealed and although Raven Software has addressed the issue in previous updates, it does reappear from time to time. Some have narrowed it down to a huge increase in players attempting to join a match which is certainly unusual. In some cases, the Friends List does return to normal but if it doesn't, there are a few handy methods that can restore it.


How To Fix Warzone Friends List

The first method that has worked for some players is a simple restart of Warzone. Exit the game and relaunch it and the Friends List should reappear, allowing you to invite and message friends. If it doesn't work, repeat the process once more, and if it's still not appearing, it might be time to attempt another fix.

Method two is just as straightforward as restarting the game. Rather than completely rebooting Warzone, turning off crossplay can cause the Friends List to appear. To turn it off, head into the settings and disable crossplay.

As a last resort, restarting your router and system is the next step to take. If the disappearing Friends List is down to a network issue, this could well be the best solution to try.