How to Change Your Warzone Display Name

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When first starting Warzone, many players are assigned an ID number as their Display Name.

Unfortunately, the game does not make it clear how players can change this.

It can be frustrating, especially for streamers who rely on their display name as part of their brand recognition.


Once the steps are laid bare, the process is relatively simple.

It is all about finding the right screen to begin with.

Changing Display Name in Warzone

Thankfully, this handy guide can guide new Warzone players to display name bliss, helping them stand out from the crowd.

Actually, it will help them fit into the crowd, as showing up to a match with an ID number instead of a display name is like painting a giant target on their back.

Warzone lobby
Step 1: Click Options at the bottom of the screen

Step 1:

Once in the Warzone lobby, Click "Options" in the lower left of the screen.

Warzone Account options
STEP 2: Click the Account Tab, then Activision Account

Step 2:

Click on the "Account" tab on the top of the Options page.

Click "Activision Account," which should be the second option on the Account settings.

Warzone Activision Account Settings
STEP 2: Click Change Display Name

Step 3:

Click the "Change Display Name" button.


It is important to note that Warzone players can only change their display name once every six months.

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Optional: Add a Clan & Regiment Tag

Warzone Barracks screen
TAGS: Further customize your display name with Clan & Regiment tags

Players can further differentiate themselves by adding Clan and Regiment tags to their display name.


This is a great way to make parties feel more cohesive, especially when players tend to play with the same squads.

Players can add these tags by clicking the "Barracks" tag from the Warzone lobby, then clicking "Clan & Regiment Tags."

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