Are Warzone Hackers Ending Matches Early?

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Despite the best efforts of Raven Software to combat the issues of cheaters in Warzone, it appears that hackers could be finding new loopholes to exploit in the battle royale.

With Season 2 in full swing and the continuing spread of Zombies across Verdansk, more players than ever before are dropping into the game.


Cheaters have always been a problem in Warzone, and while it looks like Raven Software has managed to get the issue under control, some cheaters have found a new hack that allows them to end a match at any point.

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Warzone Hack Ends Matches Early

Warzone Hack Ends Games Early

Warzone has been plagued by exploits in recent months

Although it does look like some form of bug, several players that have experienced the bizarre issue are convinced that cheaters have found yet another loophole.

Twitch streamer ‘BisaG10’ encountered the cheat when their match ended with 18 players remaining.

Hackers can now end a game of #Warzone by themselves... 🤯They’re evolving... 😭(Clip via )
— ModernWarzone (@ModernWarzone)
March 11, 2021

Since the clip was posted, numerous players have come forward saying that they have also experienced an issue where their Warzone matches have come to a premature end, much to their frustration.


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When Will It Be Fixed?

With many players showcasing the problem on social media, it’s likely that Raven Software will be looking into the issue and what exactly is causing game-ending killcams to appear when matches are nowhere near their conclusion.

Considering the severity of the issue, some form of update containing a fix for the exploit will be arriving to Warzone in the coming days.


Until a fix is implemented, be aware that your Warzone matches could come to a premature end!