Warzone Hacker Blames Streamers

There have been a lot of false accusations of hacking in Warzone. The "no recoil" thing needs to stop, especially since streamers and pros demonstrate how easy it is to control recoil. Though Tfue and JGOD have demonstrated it, some people still think it's impossible to control recoil.

Recently, a Warzone hacker said that he wholeheartedly believed the hackusations when questioned by Joseph 'NRG JoeWo' Wohala. Additionally, he claims that this is the reason he cheats himself! Is this a good reason for hackers, whether it's true or not?

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Warzone Hackers

As you can see below, he showed the talk in the tweet. Most people get upset when they aren't good at something and claim it's unfair. Legitimate athletes are frequently accused of the same thing.

Timothy' TimTheTatman' Betar responded, which my friends at Esports Talk were kind enough to get a clip of. Tim's place starts at 01:28 but feel free to watch the whole thing.

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Do I think some streamers cheat? Definitely. Many have been caught over the years, including pros. Are there as many as claimed? Not at all.

However, it is always advisable to remain skeptical until real evidence is presented.

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