New Gulag Arriving In Warzone Season 4

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The first cinematic trailer for Warzone Season 4 has been revealed and the minute-long trailer is jam-packed with information on what to expect in the new season.

Along with the satellites raining down on Verdansk, Season 4 will also be a time of change for the Gulag, everyone's favourite 1v1 duel in order to stay in the action.

Previous seasons have seen the Gulag move from the Prison, to Nuketown, and most recently, to a remake of the iconic Black Ops 2 map, Standoff.


For the new season, another classic map has been reworked.

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New Warzone Gulag

Hijacked Gulag Warzone Season 4

As Hijacked is re-released for Black Ops Cold War multiplayer, a smaller version of the map has been created and will be the Gulag for Season 4!

Based on the small glimpse from the first reveal trailer, the Hijacked Gulag will feature the central part of the boat, leaving minimal cover and the potential for players to perform a sneaky flank onto an unsuspecting opponent.


Hijacked Gulag Release Date

The new Gulag is expected to be released along with the rest of Season 4's launch content which goes live on June 17th.

A Positive Change?

The Gulag changing to Standoff split the opinions of many Warzone players.

Some preferred the more complex layout while some still wished that the very first iteration set in the Verdansk Prison was still being used today.

It certainly looks a lot smaller than the Standoff Gulag, meaning accuracy and timing is going to play a crucial part in who makes it out alive.