Warzone Exploit Allows Players To Parachute Into Gulag

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Season 4 Reloaded for Warzone is right around the corner and as players anticipate the arrival of a new dose of content being added into the battle royale, yet another exploit has appeared much to the annoyance of the community. Despite the best efforts of Raven Software to keep on top of any kind of bugs, several appear to be slipping through the net.

In recent weeks, players have discovered issues that have prevented them from aiming due to a stair glitch along with players managing to deliberately inflict dev errors onto unsuspecting opponents. This latest exploit involves players manging to enter the Gulag and eliminate opponents without the need to be eliminated from the match.


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Warzone Gulag Parachute Glitch

The exploit was discovered by Warzone content creator NTrippy, who quickly uploaded a video showing how he became an unexpected third opponent in a Gulag fight.


The July 9th upload doesn't unveil how to perform the exploit in a bid to prevent other players from trying it, but NTrippy manages to enter the Gulag in time for a 1v1 duel to take place. Despite being unable to move initially, the players that are meant to be in the Gulag attempt to eliminate him but they can't.

While the bemused Gulag players attempted to figure out what was happening, NTrippy quickly punched one of the players to death, much to his surprise. Considering this particular exploit is impacting one of Warzone's key gameplay features, it is likely that Raven Software is aware of the issue and will be introducing some kind of fix in an upcoming patch.