Warzone Developer Confirms Fix For Under Map Exploits Is Coming Soon

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Season 3 of Warzone is well underway and as players continue to explore all that Verdansk '84 has to offer, some have been exploiting a bizarre issue where they've been able to merge under the map where they become invincible from the encroaching circle of gas.

Warzone is no stranger to bugs and exploits but this particular issue has seen a number of players expressing their frustration as the new map has only been available to play for a short while.

Despite the bug, millions of players are continuing to drop into the battle royale, which underwent one of its most significant changes with the introduction of the new map set in the height of the Cold War.

Thankfully, Raven Software has confirmed that a fix for the issue is on its way.

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Warzone Under Map Exploit Fix

The developer confirmed that a fix is in the works after it updated its Trello board and stated that it had been looking to a number of exploitable spots on the map.

Once the fix goes live, players will no longer be able to access underneath the map which often prevents other players from being able to kill them, much to the annoyance of players that want Warzone to be an even playing field.

The glitch occurs in numerous locations on Rebirth Island and Verdansk, including the Verdansk Stadium, the Train Station, and the Airport.

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When Will The Fix Go Live?

While the news of a fix being worked on is a positive step forward, Raven Software has yet to reveal when it will be going live in Warzone.


Considering that the developer has addressed the issue, the release of the fix shouldn't be too far away.

The response time from Raven has certainly been impressive. If it manages to keep on top of any game-breaking issues that may arise, Season 3 of Warzone could be one of the smoothest to date.

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