Warzone Players are Offering Solutions to the Dead Silence Problem

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What does Dead Silence do in Warzone?

Too much, if you ask Warzone players, and they think Raven’s promised alterations can’t come soon enough.


Season 4 introduced the new pickup item, and it’s quickly become a staple of every fight.

Dead Silence lets you move quietly and quickly by masking all movement sounds, making it ideal for stealth operations, in theory.

In practice, it spawns far too often and makes matches feel unbalanced.

“They're too common and it's almost guaranteed to find one each match,” Warzone expert Joseph Yaden told me.

Once they do find Dead Silence, they’ll likely keep it for a long time as well. Dead Silence’s lifespan resets with every kill you make.

“It allows you to sneak up on an unsuspecting team who might be better players than you -- but since you're silent, you'd have an immediate advantage,” Yaden said. “Many players save Dead Silence for a gunfight they aren't particularly confident they'll win.”

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Warzone Players are Offering Solutions to the Dead Silence Problem

Worst of all from Warzone players’ perspective is that there’s no way to counter Dead Silence yet.

Some are already offering suggestions for how it could be fixed.

Reddit user arathersmallman has a different idea and thinks Dead Silence needs a stronger audio cue alerting players someone nearby nabbed the Field Upgrade.


“This would mean that at least now you know someone has popped it and you can be prepared for it,” they said. Obviously it is still extremely powerful but now there would be some sort of counter play.”

However, their suggestion was met with criticism, with several commenters saying it was a nice idea, but made “no sense.”

Yaden is hoping Raven modifies existing equipment or Perks to give everyone a better chance of countering it instead, a solution in keeping with the game’s skill-based challenges and one that doesn’t rely on proximity.

The most recent Warzone patch notes acknowledged the problem but offered no time frame when Raven might have a solution ready.


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