Warzone: Attack Helicopters Disabled To Resolve Invisibility Glitch

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The release of Black Ops Cold War Season 1, was one that players were looking forward to for quite some time.

Now players are checking out all the new content within the game.


But now a new glitch has surfaced and it is a massive one. 

The invisibility glitch has spread like wildfire since the release of the new season.

Activision has commented on it and has noted they are aware of the glitch are seeking a resolution as we speak.

After all, this is a pretty massive glitch; not being able to see other players is one of the biggest glitches in quite some time. 


But, a brand new Warzone vehicle has been disabled because of this glitch. 



The brand new Attack Helicopters that were flyable within Warzone have now been disabled. 


This comes from a tweet from RavenSoftware that note the following:

!PSA! The attack helicopter has been temporarily removed from both #Warzone maps - Verdansk and Rebirth Island. The vehicle will return once the related issues have been fixed. The normal helicopter will remain available.

It is unknown how long the new Attack Helicopters will be disabled for.

But, we can assume as soon as the glitch becomes resolved they will implement them back into matches.