Casual Warzone Players Claim Verdansk BR Is "Ruined"

Over the course of Warzone Season 4, Raven Software and Activision have tried to combat the issue of cheaters negatively impacting the popular battle royale. Despite regular ban waves, cheaters are still running rampant on the streets of Verdansk, much to the annoyance of casual players that are transitioning to Rebirth Island to get their fix.

With the start of Season 5 on the horizon, casual players have claimed that the main BR playlists have been "ruined" due to it being impossible to tell whether they were eliminated by either a hacker or someone that has unlocked the very best weapon and has a bit more practice under their belts.

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Warzone Verdansk BR "Ruined"

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Reddit user and avid Warzone fan 'YourMumsPal' published a post claiming that the Verdansk BR modes are "inaccessible" for players that have little time to put time into the battle royale.

"You get annihilated in 2-3 seconds by a player with a Krig shooting uphill from halfway across the map," the player explained. "Maybe he's hust a great shot or maybe he has an aimbot, it's impossible to distinguish in most cases," they added.

Many players agreed with the player's statement, with some explaining that it's not just cheaters that have deterred them from dropping into Verdansk. Some users claim that the numerous assault rifles that have non-existent levels of recoil are to blame along with the integration of Black Ops Cold War that took place in late 2020.

"Warzone was ruined by the Cold War integration," claims one player who thinks an "overhaul" is needed when COD 2021 releases later in the year. For those that still want their fix of Call of Duty battle royale action, some have even suggested that they stick to Rebirth Island playlists for the foreseeable future.

While Verdansk is the home of Warzone, it's clear to see that many players are growing tired of the countless bugs, exploits, and cheaters hindering the experience for all. Will the situation improve when the Pacific map releases? We will have to wait and see.

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