Vargo 52 Has Highest K/D According to Statistics

Fans of Black Ops Cold War were pleasantly surprised after Treyarch added a brand-new assault rifle into multiplayer. As with all new weapons, the Vargo 52 made its way into Warzone, much to the excitement of players.

Despite attention turning towards the Season 2.5 update, the addition of the Vargo 52 has become one of the more popular rifles to use on Caldera and Rebirth Island.

According to statistics website WZRanked, players are making an impact with the rifle. The recent arrival has a K/D ratio higher than any other weapon in the arsenal.

Vargo 52 Highest Warzone KD Ratio
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Vargo 52 Warzone K/D Ratio

On March 10, WZRanked's data recorded the Vargo 52 having an average K/D of 1.42, the highest of the entire weapon arsenal. It's not surprising to see the rifle topping the charts. Players often flock to new weapons to see where they slot into the ever-changing metagame.

While its K/D ratio is extremely high, the pick rate of the Vargo 52 is low due to the unlock challenge required in order for players to get their hands on it. With a pick rate of just over one percent, the rifle is 29th in the pick rate charts.

Is The Vargo 52 Meta?

Thanks to its minimal levels of recoil, the Vargo 52 is one of several options to select as part of a loadout. With Raven Software making regular changes to weapon performance, there's every chance the assault rifle can work its way into the metagame as Season 2 prepares to enter its second half.

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