Warzone Bug Allows Vanguard Weapon Perks on Cold War and Modern Warfare Guns

Warzone players are continuing to discover new game-breaking bugs and glitches despite Raven Software including a range of bug fixes within the Season 2 update.

The switch from Verdansk to Caldera hasn't been the smoothest, with players seeing their guns disappear in addition to the developer accidentally improving the PPSH from Vanguard.

The integration of Vanguard weaponry saw the arrival of specific weapon Perks providing a range of advantages. Despite their exclusivity, one Warzone player has discovered a bug that makes Vanguard weapon Perks available for Cold War and Modern Warfare guns.

Warzone Vanguard Weapon Perks Bug
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Warzone Vanguard Weapon Perk Bug

During a private match, Warzone streamer 'yeet' managed to uncover the exploit "where you can get VG weapon perks on MW and CW guns" in addition to other Perk combinations such as Hardscope and Tight Grip.

The clip includes the streamer using an AS44 assault rifle with the Hardscope and Tight Grip Perks attached, toning down recoil to non-existent levels without the need to adjust the aim.

In addition, the weapon Perks can be equipped to Cold War and Modern Warfare weaponry, adding another attachment slot to guns that shouldn't have one, creating a huge imbalance.

Will The Vanguard Weapon Perk Glitch Get Fixed?

It's unclear as to whether Raven Software is aware of this potentially game-breaking exploit. Considering the severity of the issue, there's a high chance the developer will work on a fix to prevent it from becoming a widespread issue.

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