Warzone Pacific: All Vanguard Weapon Codenames

Have you ever read the latest Warzone patch notes and wondered why certain weapons use a specific codename rather than their actual name? We're not too sure either as it can make it tricky to find out whether your favourite weapon has been buffed or nerfed thanks to Raven Software's regular doses of weapon tuning.

As Season 1 progresses, it's highly likely several changes will be made to the performance of weapons as the developer attempts to strike some kind of balance for players dropping into Caldera. To make it easier to see which weapons have been modified, we've created a list detailing all Vanguard weapon codenames, making it much easier to tell the difference between 'Assault Rifle Dog' and Assault Rifle Baker'.

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Warzone Vanguard Weapon Codenames

Warzone Vanguard Weapon Codenames
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It's not just the patch notes that use these cryptic codenames. Many weapon blueprints that are available also use them, making it difficult to find out which blueprints are for each weapon. Here are all of the codenames for Vanguard's weapons separated into each weapon category to avoid any further confusion.

Warzone Vanguard Assault Rifle Codenames

  • Able (Alpha): STG44
  • Baker (Bravo): ITRA Burst
  • Charlie (Charlie): BAR
  • Dog (Delta): NZ-41
  • Easy (Echo): Volkssturmgewehr (Volk)
  • Fox (Foxtrot): AS44
  • How (Hotel): Automaton
  • Item (India): Cooper Carbine

Warzone Vanguard SMG Codenames

  • Able (Alpha): M1928
  • Baker (Bravo): Sten
  • Charlie (Charlie): MP40
  • Dog (Delta): PPSh-41
  • Easy (Echo): Owen Gun
  • Fox (Foxtrot): Type 100

Warzone Vanguard LMG Codenames

  • Able (Alpha): MG42
  • Baker (Bravo): DP27
  • Charlie (Charlie): Bren
  • Dog (Delta): Type 11
Warzone Vanguard LMG Codenames
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Warzone Vanguard Shotgun Codenames

  • Able (Alpha): Einhorn Revolving
  • Baker (Bravo): Gracey Auto
  • Charlie (Charlie): Combat Shotgun
  • Dog (Delta): Double Barrel

Warzone Vanguard Sniper Codenames

  • Able (Alpha): 3-Line Rifle
  • Baker (Bravo): Kar98k
  • Charlie (Charlie): Type 99
  • Dog (Delta): Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle

Warzone Vanguard Marksman Rifle Codenames

  • Able (Alpha): M1 Garand
  • Baker (Bravo): SVT-40
  • Charlie (Charlie): G-43
Warzone Vanguard Weapon Codenames
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Warzone Vanguard Launcher Codenames

  • Able (Alpha): M1 Bazooka
  • Baker (Bravo): Panzerschreck
  • Charlie (Charlie): Panzerfaust
  • Dog (Delta): MK11 Launcher

Warzone Vanguard Handgun Codenames

  • Able (Alpha): Machine Pistol
  • Baker (Bravo): Ratt
  • Charlie (Charlie): 1911
  • Dog (Delta): Top Break
  • Easy (Echo): Klauser

Warzone Vanguard Melee Weapon Codenames

  • Able (Alpha): Combat Shield
  • Able (Bravo): FS Fighting Knife
  • Baker (Delta): Sawtooth
  • Charlie (Charlie): Katana

That's every single codename for Vanguard's arsenal of weapons in Warzone. Be sure to bookmark this page so you can make sense of the changes made in the next set of patch notes!

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