Raven Software Disables Fighter and Bomber Planes in Vanguard Royale

Planes made their debut in Warzone following the battle royale's arrival on the Pacific island of Caldera. Since then, players have utilised Fighter planes to navigate the map quickly in addition to scoring plenty of extra kills.

The addition of aircraft has proven a controversial topic. Some players want rid of them but others prefer the increase in pace they provide.

The Season 2 update added Bomber planes capable of destroying Buy Stations and as Season 2.5 approaches, Raven Software has temporarily disabled both types of aircraft in the popular Vanguard Royale game mode.

Warzone Vanguard Royale Planes Disabled
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Vanguard Royale Planes Disabled

On March 4, Raven Software confirmed they've disappeared from the skies while the team investigates "an issue." Despite logging the problem on the Warzone Trello board, information surrounding the issue hasn't appeared.

Warzone has a track record of glitches appearing due to vehicles. During the Verdansk era, the addition of armoured trucks was causing some players to disappear completely, making them impossible to kill. Just like the planes, they were disabled but they never returned to the action.

When Will Planes Return To Vanguard Royale?

With details as to why planes have disappeared from Vanguard Royale unclear, it's difficult to determine when Fighter and Bomber planes will return to the Vanguard-focused mode. If Raven Software doesn't manage to fix it quickly, there's every chance they re-appear as part of the Season 2.5 update expected to arrive in the next few weeks.

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