Raven Software Unveils Changes to Vanguard Royale

Warzone's Vanguard Royale mode is one of the more popular playlists within the battle royale. With a focus on Vanguard weaponry in addition to armoured trucks, the mode has struck a chord with the community since it arrived in December 2021.

As Season 2 nears the halfway stage, Raven Software has revealed a wealth of changes to Vanguard Royale arriving to the game on March 3.

The changes based on community feedback range from adjustments to base health levels alongside the return of UAVs to all of Caldera's Buy Stations.

Warzone Vanguard Royale Changes
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Warzone Vanguard Royale Changes

In amongst the March 2 patch notes, Raven Software outlined various changes to the mode that will influence the time to kill (TTK) along with the overall pace of the game. The post claims the TTK "has crept beyond the sweet spot," causing the developer to intervene.

Base player health has increased from 100 to 150, meaning the total health of players with full armour protection is now 300, slowing the TTK while maintaining some kind of balance without tuning the weapons.

In addition, the price of UAVs has skyrocketed from $6K to $9K, a stark change from their outright removal from Vanguard Royale. Despite the change, Raven Software is "excited by this compromise where UAVs will remain accessible."

Why Is Vanguard Royale Changing?

Rather than nerfing the Vanguard arsenal, Raven Software has taken an alternative step in order to keep Vanguard Royale a balanced experience for all players. It will be interesting to see how the community reacts to the tweaks and if the developer decides to make further changes.

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