Genius Warzone Trick Allows Players to Rank up Vanguard Weapons Quickly

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Season 1 of Warzone Pacific is well underway and as players attempt to determine which weapons are considered to be a part of the meta, some have found an ingenious technique to increase the weapon level as quickly as possible using Double XP events to their advantage.

All of Vanguard's weapons feature a total of 70 Weapon Levels to work through, and it can take a while to earn those attachments, much to the annoyance of the community. Thankfully, players have discovered a clever exploit to rank up the new set of guns in no time at all, saving countless hours of grinding.

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How To Rank Up Vanguard Weapons In Warzone Fast

Vanguard Fast Weapon Level Double XP
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Twitter user @dougdagnabbit managed to uncover this particular exploit which utilises the Plunder game mode alongside the Double XP events that regularly take place in the battle royale. Using Tokens on top of the event will enable players to achieve maximum weapon rank in less than an hour.

Simply drop into a Plunder match with a Double Weapon XP Token active using a weapon with the Surplus Perk equipped for even more of an XP bonus. For even more XP, grab Bounty Contracts to maximise the Weapon XP that can be earned. By following this method, Vanguard's weapons can reach Level 70 in around an hour which is ideal with the meta changing on a regular basis.

Will The Warzone Double Weapon XP Trick Get Patched?

Considering this crafty method is unintentional, it's highly likely Raven Software is working on a fix so if you want to get the Vanguard weapons ranked up quickly, make the most of this method before it disappears forever!


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