Call of Duty Reveals Updated Caldera Map

Warzone Player Running down a street
Credit: Activision

Warzone Player Running down a street
Credit: Activision

Season 4 of Warzone is on the horizon and as the start of the next Warzone season nears, Call of Duty continues to reveal more intel on what to expect.

The battle royale's upcoming update sees the arrival of the Fortune's Keep map in addition to a new Battle Pass and Butcher as a new Operator. Alongside the new map and content, Raven Software is also making changes to Caldera.

In a Twitter post, Call of Duty shares that the amount of vegetation will decrease by half as well as smaller points of interest appearing all over the map.

Warzone Updates Caldera Map

Since the start of the Pacific era, players have shared their frustrations surrounding the lack of visibility and the vast amount of vegetation covering the island.

The inclusion of numerous bushes and foliage enables players to blend into the scenery, making them incredibly hard to see during a match. Now, the Season 4 update aims to improve visibility and reduce the number of plants covering the map.

The decrease in vegetation isn't the only change coming to Caldera. The yellow circles indicate the appearance of "micro-POIs" that add some additional buildings to open areas of the map.

Some eagle-eyed fans have already spotted one new addition that heavily resembles the popular Storage POI from the Verdansk map.

Lastly, the Season 4 update will include Mercenary Vaults. It's unclear what the vaults will include but with attention slowly moving towards the launch of Modern Warfare 2, will any new teasers make an appearance?

The changes to Caldera are much-needed. Players still hope for the return of Verdansk so let's hope these adjustments can rekindle the attention of some players leaving Warzone for pastures new.

For more Season 4 intel, check out our Warzone page for all the latest news, leaks, and guides.

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