Warzone Twitch Viewership Hits All-Time Low

Despite the best efforts of Raven Software, the current state of Warzone is far from ideal as numerous bugs and glitches continue to impact the hugely popular battle royale.

With issues ranging from guns turning invisible to hackers using flying cars, the delay to Season 2 will enable the developer to address the issues before releasing a fresh batch of post-launch content.

As problems continue to appear, viewership on Twitch has dropped to its lowest point since the battle royale was released back in March 2020.

Warzone Pacific Low Twitch Viewership
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Warzone Pacific Twitch Viewership

According to data from TwitchTracker, the average viewership has dropped significantly since the launch of the Pacific update, with 70.6K viewers in December 2021 followed by a current average of 59.3K in January 2022.

Several members of the community have cited the glitches and sudden resurgence in cheaters as a few reasons why people aren't tuning into their favourite Warzone streamers anymore. In addition, notable content creators such as NICKMERCS and Aydan have shared their lack of desire to play the battle royale.

Will Warzone Twitch Viewership Recover?

Judging by the recent downward trend, viewing figures for Warzone may continue to fall until Raven Software applies all of the fixes it's working on. Once the game returns to a somewhat playable state, it's likely that viewership will begin to pick up once again once Season 2 launches on February 14. Until then, the slump could well continue.

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