$75K Warzone Twitch Rivals Showdown: Everything You Need To Know

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Competitive Warzone tournaments are continuing to prove extremely popular amongst players and viewers as the battle royale begins to progress through Season 5. The Twitch Rivals Showdown has been one of the bigger tournaments taking place and just a few weeks since its last edition, the tournament has returned once again.

Just like previous showdowns, the biggest Twitch streamers will drop into a custom Verdansk lobby in a bid to win tens of thousands in prize money and the chance to be crowned champion. In this article, find absolutely everything that you need to know about the August 25th edition of the Twitch Rivals Warzone Showdown.


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After five thrilling custom matches, the pairing of SuperEvan and DiazBiffle managed to walk away with the victory, scoring 100.3 points and $15,000 in prize money. Check out the top ten placements below:

  • 1st - Team SuperEvan - 100.3 Points - $15,000
  • 2nd - Team Frozone - 87.6 Points - $8,000
  • 3rd - Team Knight - 61.4 Points - $6,000
  • 4th - Team Tommey - 58.9 Points - $5,000
  • 5th - Team TheBoiSantana - 54.4 Points - $4,000
  • 6th - Team Nickool - 54 Points - $3,000
  • 7th - Team MuTeX - 53.5 Points - $3,000
  • 8th - Team Bloo - 52 Points - $2,000
  • 9th - Team news - 51.9 Points - $2,000
  • 10th - Team itsEyeQew - 51.9 Points - $2,000

How To Watch August 25th Twitch Rivals Warzone Showdown

The TwitchRivals channel acted as a hub covering all of the action. So you don't miss a single second, we've embedded the stream below.


Schedule And Format

The action commences with the European tournament taking place at 3PM BST before the North Americans drop into their match scheduled to begin at 10PM BST.

Just like many competitive Warzone tournaments, the Twitch Rivals Showdown will take place in a custom lobby where points can be earned by scoring kills and placing high. By scoring a high placement, teams will earn a multiplier which will be applied to the total number of kills scored. Here's a full breakdown of the multiplier

  • 1st: 2x multiplier
  • 2nd-5th: 1.5x multiplier
  • 6th-15th: 1.3x multiplier
  • 16th-25th: 1.1x multiplier
  • 26th+: 1x multiplier

Prize Pool

Teams will be battling for the lion's share of $75,000 in prize money meaning every single team will be walking away with some kind of cash prize. Here's a complete breakdown of how the money will be split:

  • 1st - $15,000
  • 2nd - $8,000
  • 3rd - $6,000
  • 4th - $5,000
  • 5tth - $4,000
  • 6th/7th - $3,000
  • 8th/10th - $2,000
  • 11th/15th - $1,000
  • 16th/20th - $650
  • 21st/25th - $550
  • 26th/30th - $450
  • 31st/35th - $350
  • 36th/40th - $300
  • 41st/47th - $250

Teams And Players

Warzone Operator Dropping Into Verdansk

A full list of teams and players has yet to be revealed but we do know that shroud will be taking part in the North American tournament after revealing that he was looking for a duo.


As we get closer to the start of the tournament, it's expected that more players will be unveiled so be sure to bookmark this article and check back before the action gets underway!