Toronto Ultra Canada Cup $100K Warzone Tournament: Everything You Need To Know

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Season 4 of Warzone has proven a hit amongst the millions of players that drop into Verdansk and Rebirth Island on a regular basis and hot off the back of the first World Series of Warzone event, the Toronto Ultra Call of Duty League (CDL) franchise is hosting yet another competitive tournament.

Competitive Warzone is continuing to thrive, with the very best players in the world dropping into Verdansk on a regular basis in a bid to take home the lion's share of huge prize pools. The Ultra's latest tournament is the Canada Cup, where another set of players will aim to win big.

Find everything you need to know about the tournament in this dedicated hub!

Day 2 Results

The remaining 16 teams were quickly narrowed down to the final eight where battle for the money and the opportunity to be crowned Canada Cup champion would commence. Just three points separated the top three teams when the clock stopped but which team emerged victorious?

  • 1st - Team Fifakill - 556 Points
  • 2nd - Team ZLaner - 555 Points
  • 3rd - Team Tommey - 553 Points
  • 4th - Team FaZe Swagg - 508 Points
  • 5th - Team HusKerrs - 490 Points
  • 6th - Team Teep - 487 Points
  • 7th - Team BobbyPoff - 432 Points
  • 8th - Team Russ - 347 Points

Day 1 Results

The first day of action has concluded and the field has been halved from 32 Trios to 16. Find a full list of teams that have qualified for the second and final day below!

  • 1st - Team FaZe Swagg - 527 Points
  • 2nd - Team Fifakill - 508 Points
  • 3rd - Team ZLaner - 503 Points
  • 4th - Team TeePee - 483 Points
  • 5th - Team SuperEvan - 483 Points
  • 6th - Team HusKerrs - 470 Points
  • 7th - Team Tommey - 450 Points
  • 8th - Team Vikkstar - 431 Points
  • 9th - Team MuTeX - 426 Points
  • 10th - Team Rallied - 421 Points
  • 11th - Team BobbyPoff - 416 Points
  • 12th - Team Metaphor - 412 Points
  • 13th - Team Nickool - 410 Points
  • 14th - Team IceManIsaac - 410 Points
  • 15th - Team C9 Emz - 401 Points
  • 16th - Team Russ - 393 Points

How To Watch Toronto Ultra $100K Canada Cup

Just like previous tournaments, the Ultra will be hosting a dedicated hub covering the entire event that will be on their YouTube channel.


The first day of action gets underway on June 28th at 8PM BST with day two taking place on June 29th at the same time. Day one takes place over four hours while the second day takes place over four and a half hours split into two rounds.


Day One

32 of the best Warzone Trios will drop into public matches over the course of four hours in order to record the highest scores possible. The five best games will contribute to the final total. Points will be awarded for placement and the number of eliminations scored over the course of the match. Once the clock stops, the top 16 teams will advance to day two.

Day Two

The first round will see the remaining teams play for a two-hour time period where the three best scores will total the final score. The top eight teams after the two hours will make it into the second round along with their highest-scoring game from the first round.

The second and final round will determine the champions of the Canada Cup. Like day one, the best five games including the highest-scoring game from round one will count towards the final score. The team with the highest score at the end will be declared the winner!

Players & Teams

A full list of players has yet to be revealed but with such a huge amount of money on the line, we can expect the very best in the world to be in action. Find a list of confirmed players below. (List will be updated as more players are revealed)

  • Tommey, Almond, Newbz
  • Aydan, Rated, HusKerrs
  • SuperEvan, Repullze, Lucky Chamu
  • Swagg, Booya, Biffle
  • Rallied, Ottereyes, Mayappo
  • Emz, LouiCM, Angell
  • JaredFPS, Intechs, FaZe Bloo
  • Pamaj, JHaze, Dirty
  • Pineaqples, Eyeqew, Arrayyz
  • Nickool, Picnick, Oakboi
  • Fifakill, Recrent, Warsz
  • Brittney, ZSmit, Robstar
  • ZLaner, Destroy, ClutchBelk
  • MuTeX, JoeWo, Stukawaki
  • Angelikaa, Lenun, Vapulear
  • Russdaddy, Ikesnasty, Colorss
  • TeePee, UnRationaL, ScummN
  • Revolt, SavyUltras, BbladeVII
  • Karma, DougIsRaw, Bronana
  • Vikkstar, Prxdigy, Dr3waa
  • BobbyPoff, exzachtt, Frozone
  • IceManIsaac, Bbreadman, Skullface49
  • Metaphor, BasedGodXenon, YuhLegit
  • P90 Princess, TBD, TBD
  • LEGIQN, MrDaft, SloppyHarry
  • Pieman, LyndonFPS, Pork
  • HoBoo, NobuSpartan, BlingCjay
  • Washout, DarioFerracci, ZeebGaming
  • Hollywods, Wakez, Barrl
  • Jxsephs, Thurmszy, Vayko
  • Metzy, KunjTV, FeelDrifts
  • Wheels, Royalize, QueenShadows

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