TimTheTatman Is Quitting Warzone If Vanguard Update Doesn't Have Anti-Cheat

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Previously, TimTheTatman has not spoken of quitting Warzone. Although the game has many flaws, he remains loyal to it. There have been several streamers who left Warzone and criticized its flaws.

As TimTheTatman was discussing the Vanguard update, he said enough was enough. It bothered him that Call of Duty games came out, and Activision didn't update Warzone's anti-cheat function. After a long rant, he declared that he would quit Warzone if the Vanguard update did not include an anti-cheat system.


Call Of Duty: Vanguard: Everything You Need To Know

TimTheTatman will quit Warzone if Vanguard update doesn't include Anit-Cheat system

I don't think anyone would see the day when TimTheTatman would be talking about the demise of Warzone. Yet, the day is here, and Tim isn't holding back. Tim really believes that Warzone won't get an anti-cheat with Vanguard Update.

He says he'll leave at 7:15, but the whole video is a great watch.


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TimTheTatman warned his audience not to believe everything they read on Twitter. According to him, the rumored anti-cheat integration may not be factual because Warzone has been ignored all this time. In his own words:

"On August 11th, I mean you guys saw it I'm sure but Twitter was basically spiraling with people saying 'anti-cheat with season 5'... In my opinion, anti-cheat is not gonna come with Season 5… They went through one whole game without it, they went through a second whole game without it--Cold War. And now you got Vanguard and I'm looking at Vanguard… Practically praying, begging them to put an anti-cheat in Warzone."

However, Tim was still skeptical even after learning that an important source had leaked the news. He continued to say he doubted it would arrive, and if it didn't, he would not suffer through Warzone. According to him, not only will he quit, but most other players will do the same if Anti-cheat doesn't come with Vanguard. To quote him:

"I guess the biggest thing that I would say is, you can't believe all these rumors… The main thing that I would try and fall on is, and I think a lot of people can agree with me here: If Vanguard comes and there's no anti-cheat, is that the final straw? I think it is for me, to be honest."

Tim wasn't joking or laughing either; he was dead serious. If it doesn't implement an anti-cheat with Vanguard, Warzone could lose its biggest streamer.