TimTheTatman Shows Impact Of "Hackusations" On Top Warzone Players

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Since its release in March 2020, Warzone has become one of the most popular battle royale titles in the genre, with millions of players dropping into Verdansk and Rebirth Island on a regular basis. Its popularity has proven to be a haven for cheaters that regularly appear in matches using some kind of aimbot or wallhack to gain an unfair advantage over the opposition and despite Raven Software's best efforts, Warzone is still overrun by hackers, much to the annoyance of the often-vocal and passionate fan base.

With so many cheaters running rampant, several players are quick to accuse those that are highly skilled when they showcase their talents on a stream or social media. As several top Warzone content creators come under fire from accusers, TimTheTatman has spoken on the issue, detailing how much of an impact the "hackusations" can have on content creators.


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TimTheTatman Speaks Out On Warzone "Hackusations"

Over the past few months, a number of world-class Warzone players and streamers have been bombarded with accusations of cheating, much to their annoyance. To show how much of a negative impact the cheating accusations can have on a content creator, Tim posted a video on July 18th explaining the problem.


In the video, the popular streamer reveals that the more casual Warzone streamers and content creators are capable of brushing off any kind of cheating accusations but those that are playing for thousands in prize money can't as it doesn't take a lot to convince players that one particular individual is cheating.

"I don't make a living off being good," Tim states in the video. "There's people that are very good at the game that these people on TikTok are accusing of cheating and it affects them because that's how they're making their money."

During the video, Tim brings up Warzone streamer ZLaner who regularly competes in high-stakes tournaments against the very best Warzone players on the planet.

This dude Z's got to have a handcam, a left thumb, a right thumb, a gameplay, a second gameplay, a monitor, a bathroom cam, all to show that they're not cheating," explained Tim.

It's no secret that the sheer number of hackers has led to the very best players coming under intense scrutiny from the community and until there is a dedicated Warzone anti-cheat added into the game, these "hackusations" won't be disappearing anytime soon, much to the annoyance of Warzone's very best players.