TimTheTatman Says Scump is the Michael Jordan of Call of Duty Warzone

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When Seth' Scump' Abner won the Call of Duty Warzone World Series solo YOLO, many were shocked. Scump pulled off the coolest and most undeniably awesome win I've ever witnessed in a tournament. It cemented Scump's position as king of Call of Duty.

Timothy' TimTheTatman' Betar made the best comparison of Scump and another king. The king of Call of Duty is just like the king of basketball, Michael Jordan. Lookout Monstars, the Looney Tunes have a new hero.

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Warzone win

TimTheTatman was very genuine and did not hold back his ideas. He said:

"I dare say Scump is probably the best of all time that we're gonna see for a while. Scump's like Michael Jordan for Call of Duty… He's like Jordan. Like what Jordan was to basketball, Seth is to Call of Duty."

Jordan did some amazing things in basketball and paved the way for sports clothing deals we see today. Nike may be huge now, but it wasn't anywhere near as good as Adidas before Jordan. Jordan also made it normal for people to become extremely wealthy through basketball.

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Scump was a professional back when Esports was attempting to gain popularity. Now he's here proving that he can still be amazing even when the odds are against him. This analogy has merit, and we hope to see Scump go further.

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